Surgical nursing certified nurse salary and holidays

What about salary and holidays after acquiring qualifications for certified surgical nursing nurses.
The amount of qualification allowance etc. varies according to the hospital, but the amount is not very expensive.
It is 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen on monthly salary.
Also, it changes depending on the presence or absence of night shift.
If your workplace does not have night shift, you will receive a qualification allowance and a little salary will be raised, but if you have night shift there is a high possibility that it will decrease.
The reason for this is that after obtaining the qualification of certified surgical nursing nurse, guidance and counseling is also a matter of work, so working day shift is increased.
Because of that, the night shift allowance will not work, so there is a high possibility that your salary will decrease.

Although it is possible to acquire holidays before and after acquisition of qualifications, you must also prepare for study sessions and study etc. on holidays.