Suffering from surgical nursing certified nurses

There are still few people who have acquired the qualifications of surgical nursing certified nurses yet.
For that reason, there are not many workplaces in the nursing period of the perioperative surgery as they are in keeping the status quo.

However, for patients, there are many problems that must be reconsidered for perioperative care nursing.
For example, the time of surgery varies depending on the contents of surgery, but depending on the content it may take 10 hours.

If you keep the same position for the whole 10 hours, chances are that the jokesou will be made.
However, the risk of infection increases and the likelihood of concomitant complications increases if the jokesaw is made.

In order not to make jokusou like this, management during surgery is very important.
We have to increase the number of goods and make measures, etc.
From now on, we must digest the subjects one by one.