Challenging of Surgical Nursing Certified Nurse

Is there a challenge for surgical nursing certified nurses? There are also people who think.
However, surgical nursing certified nurses are also rewarding.

Compared to ward nurses, surgical nursing has a short relationship with patients, so I think that there is a limit to care.
However, the site of surgery is the most tense place for those who are hospitalized and who undergo surgery and their families.

I think that it is very important to think about reducing the anxiety and alleviating complications and suffering in the operating room which is the most tense place.

Previously, the patient who took emergency operation came to visit after a while after the operation.
At that time, he said “Thank you for calling me out by side”.
He was speaking to him in the ear at various points just before entering the operation room.
I did not expect to get such a voice, so I was very happy.